How I work...

I use video production and high-quality imagery combined to simplify your message and improve your communications. I can help you define whom you’re trying to reach, create a strategy to reach them, and then, of course, deliver innovative video and imagery solutions that engage and connect.


A strategic goal underpins every project I undertake. We can precisely see what you need to achieve and ensure that our creative process is one hundred percent aligned with it.


What I do...

The way organizations are communicating with existing and new potential partners, and clients are continually changing. I aim to be at the forefront of this revolution, working with my clients to produce stunning videos, helping them communicate more effectively and directly than ever before.


Broadcast production values are now within reach of even the most modest budget. I believe that with my expertise in storytelling, making complex ideas simple, and vast experience of video production and management, I will be able to give you the edge in an increasingly competitive environment.

Initial idea...

Here we start from scratch.


From your initial idea, be it corporate event coverage, internal production videos, or social media marketing, we can work together closely to take your vision and develop it to create something fantastic.


With regular contact and face to face meetings, I can help grow your idea further than imagined. 



At the beginning of a project, we'll discuss what you want to achieve with your video, whom you want to target, What would you like to communicate to your audience, and How will you measure your video's success?


We'll have initial creative conversations about your photography or video project's content, tone, and style. We'll then develop what we've discussed into a proposal that works within your budget, timing that satisfies your goals.


I work with my core kit, which contains the most up-to-date equipment and accessories from Canon Digital Cinema cameras and HDSLR's, such as Sony and Fuji, with a selection of high-end zooms, and prime cine lenses.


We use DJI Ronin gimbal, track and dolly, and manual sliders for camera movement and stabilization.

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Post production...

The post-production starts at my editing suite for offline and online editing, music and sound editing, color correction, and grading. I also have specialist team members for any animation and motion graphics requirements.


During amends, I can either send the draft film to you for comments or arrange a face-to-face meeting, where we can work through them together. I'll then deliver the movie in the format you require and advise and support you with online distribution and channel management.